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Car Hire Mons

Car Hire Mons

Mons is the capital of the province of Hainaut in Belgium and called Bergen in Dutch and German. The city is located southwest of the country, near the border with France, and its population in 2009 was measured at over 91 000. Mons is an important channel hub and is where the Canal du Centre and the Condé-Mons Canal meet.

City of Mons was formed around a monastery in the 600s and in the Middle Ages it was mainly counts who lived here. It was in Mons that the first major battle between the Germans and the British were under 1 World War in August 1914. The cityscape is beautiful and historically with the churches and buildings dating from the 1400s. Mons offers many attractions and festivals, including Lumeçon. This is a recreation of a game based on the legend of St. George and the Dragon which takes place on the Old Town Square.

Mons has no public airport, but the nearest is Brussels International Airport located about 80 km northeast of Mons.

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