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Car Hire Mechelen

Car Hire Mechelen

The population in the Belgian city of Mechelen in 2009 was estimated at over 81 000 within city limits, while the figure excluding the surrounding areas were measured at almost 325 000 Mechelen located in the province of Antwerp and is located to the north in central Belgium, close to the river Dijle. Mechelen is located about 25 km southwest of the city of Antwerp and about 25 km northeast of the capital Brussels.

The city was founded in the early Middle Ages, and like many other Belgian cities characterized Mechelen of his old age with narrow streets and historic buildings. There is very little traffic through the center of town, providing an excellent base for shopping and sightseeing. Mechelen often characterized by the magnificent Tower St. Rumbold. The tower was supposed to be even higher, but construction was halted in the 1500s due to lack of finances.

Mechelen has no its own airport, but most travel to Brussels International Airport which is 25 km away. It runs both buses and trains to and from Mechelen all day.

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