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Kotka short guide

Car Hire Kotka

Car Hire Kotka

Kotka, which is Finland’s second busiest port, located in the Gulf of Finland – at the outlet of the river Kymmene. The city, which has had the township since 1879, has 55,694 inhabitants (2008). Where today’s Kotka is located, was in the late 1700s listed a large fortification – Swedish Sund. Today there are remnants of the fortress of Kotka ö outside the city.

Among the sights in Kotka, there are quite a special aquarium, which only includes fish that live in Finnish freshwater – Kotka Maretarium. Otherwise, the city has several beautiful parks – and here must Sapokka Vattenpark specifically mentioned.

The proximity to the sea makes several of the city’s attractions have a maritime connection. The foremost of these is the Maritime Center Vellamo – a huge museum complex that includes Finland Sjöhistoriska Museum and Kymmene Valley Museum. The buildings, covering an area of ​​15,000 km2, is the sign of the experimental Finnish architect Ilmari Lahdelma.

A very popular summer event is the festival “Kotka Sea Days” – with concerts, regattas and a number of other cultural events.

Nearest major airport is Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport outside the capital Helsinki, about 130 km west of Kotka.

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