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Bourgas short guide

Car Hire Bourgas

Car Hire Bourgas

Bourgas is the second largest city on Bulgaria’s western coast and is located on a pier in the Black Sea. The city is capital of the province Bourgas and the fourth largest city in the country. The population in 2007 was measured at just under 200 000. The port of Bourgas is the biggest and most important in Bulgaria, and 30 km away is the tourist destination of Sunny Beach.

Just outside the city there are several lakes that are known for the surrounding salt mines and the great bird sanctuaries. In the center there are numerous attractions, including museums Historical Museum and Nature and Science Museum. One of the most famous buildings is the beautiful Cathedral of St. Kiril and Metodij church from the 1800s. Sea Garden is a beautiful park with lots of activities. Among other things, a casino here and a small zoo, and the Festival International Folklore Festival is held in the park.

Bourgas has its own airport which offers both domestic and international flights. The official name is Bourgas Airport and it is located 12 km outside the city.

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