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Antofagasta short guide

Car Hire Antofagasta

Car Hire Antofagasta

Antofagasta is located in the northern part of Chile that extends along Latin America’s west coast and borders the Pacific Ocean. It is located in the arid Atacama Desert in Chile’s west coast and has a port that exports including copper and saltpeter. The city is capital of the province of the same name, and its population is estimated to be at almost 310 000 (2008). Antofagasta was founded in 1866 as a port and trading center.

Antofgasta is superb for outdoor activities because of the dry climate, and the city limits with more parks and attractions. Chacabuco is a dead village was completely abandoned in the 1930s and one can still see buildings like the theater and the church. Plaza Colón is the town square and here stands a Big Ben in miniature that was given by the British in 1910. Other attractions that are devoted to local history museums is that the Regional Museum and Archeological Museum.

Cerro Moreno International Airport is the airport that serves Antofagasta and is located approx 20 km outside the city.

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