11 Best Restaurants in Bergen

Best Restaurants in Bergen

Restaurants in Bergen in Norway. Mountain and sea are combined in Norwegian traditional cuisine with mainly game and fish dishes, some of millennia old, previous to the Vikings. Discover our list of Top Restaurants with authentic cuisine in Bergen, Norway.

Bergen is a Scandinavian adventure: tasting cod and reindeer meat, stroll through the Hanseatic quarter and shopping in leather craft shops. And for those who want even more, an excursion to the fjords. The city offers long list of unique and elegante restaurants.

#1 Restaurant 1877

1877 Restaurant in Bergen

11 Best Restaurants in Bergen

Restaurant 1877 opened in January 2013. The restaurant is located in the venerable Meat Bazaar, and 1877 is the year when the Meat Market opened. The city’s Market as it is also called, was built where market trade should be controlled. In here, the venue of brick and wood, brass plates and wrought iron lanterns, made stalls for a hygienic and controlled trade. Through a strong focus on local produce and historical-cultural references in the use of food, plates, cutlery and decanters. It serves food and drinks with love and knowledge, this restaurant do the best to give all the guests a unique and memorable experience.

Contact information Restaurant 1877
Phone: 92 87 18 77
Email: booking@restaurant1877.no
Website: Restaurant1877.no
Address: Kjøttbasaren, Vetrlidsallmenningen 2, 5014 Bergen

#2 Restaurant Cornelius

Restaurant Cornelius
Ever since the start of Cornelius in 2003, the restaurant have remained true to unique concept of “meteorological menu”. This restaurant inspired by weather and mood in the menus. No two days are alike, and this is reflected in the food they serve. In Cornelius own herb garden they cultivate exciting and flavorful herbs, and from lush of the ocean they pick seaweeds and seashells. The Restaurant also have they own smoking oven, where they smoke a ton of fish a year.

Contact information Restaurant Cornelius
Phone: 56 33 48 80
Email: booking@cornelius-restaurant.no
Website: Corneliusrestaurant.no
Address: Holmen, 5810 Mathopen

#3 Spisekroken

Restaurant Spisekroken in Bergen
Spisekroken Restaurant is a small and intimate place with a great atmosphere. The restaurant is located in a quiet area at the monastery at Nordnes. The menu is constantly changing and you will always find new and exciting dishes.

The Chefs prepare generous portions and they source raw materials from great Norwegian suppliers. Of popular specialties at Spisekroken we can mention gourmet veal and goat. The restaurants guests a multitude of faithful regulars and occasional happy visitors. Restaurant located at Convent, five minutes from Torgallmenningen.

Contact information Spisekroken
Phone: +47 55 23 01 15
Email: post@spisekroken.no
Website: Spisekroken.no
Address: Spisekroken, Klostergaten 8, 5005 Bergen

#4 Restaurant Enhjørningen

Enhjørningen Restaurant Bergen
Enhjørningen today’s No.1 fish restaurant is located in the traditional brew quarter of Hansa-time in Bergen. The name of the restaurant was first mentioned in the year 1304. It is stated as a deposition The German merchant Herman Concealed lived there for fifty years back, so the building must have gotten its name even before the year 1260. As a mark on Enhjørningen leading farm a rambling horse with gilded horns. After the fire of 1702 the farm was rebuilt, probably at the old homestead.

The whole farm is today restored and returned as it was in 1700s. Sjøstua has always been regarded as one of the last Hanseatic buildings in Bergen. In these historic premises fish trade has been one of the most important industries.

Contact information Restaurant Enhjørningen
Phone: 55 30 69 50
Email: info@enhjorningen.no
Website: Enhjorningen.no
Adress: Enhjørningsgården 29, 5003 Bergen

#5 Restaurant Lysverket

Restaurant Lysverket Bergen
Lysverket Resaturant take reservations in the restaurant for a table up to 12 people. Dinner served from 17:00, and the last table setting is 22.00.

The kitchen compose a menu of 4 and 7 dishes based on the best seasonal produce and fresh seafood available. In the bar area the restaurant offer an “à la carte” menu where you can order everything from nuts and snacks such as ham and ceviche for entree and dessert. Here you do not need reservations, but larger groups are welcome to contact in advance.

For larger groups, the restaurant also provide the venue tower room in the museum’s third floor with the capacity of 140 seated guests or 250 standing, and the room can be adapted to various types of celebrations. Ideal for everything from conferences and company parties to Christmas parties and weddings. Lysverket also has a private separate chambre accommodating up to 12 guests. The room is part of the restaurant on the ground floor and can be reserved for an additional price of 1000 NOK.

Contact information Restaurant Lysverket
Email: booking@lysverket.no
Phone: 55603100
Website: Lysverket.no
Address: Rasmus Meyers Allé 9, 5015 Bergen

#6 Restaurant Colonialen

Restaurant Colonialen Bergen
Colonialen Restaurant opened in 2005 and has since had a focus on serving the complete dining experience. Since the beginning, the chefs excelled with its combination of tradition and creativity based on the best seasonal produce.

At the head of Solheimsviken, only 15 min walk from the city center, you will find Colonialen cafe and bakery. From the café on the waterfront you can enjoy breathtaking views of the bay – nice framed by the city’s mountains. Here you can enjoy lunch favorite “plank” filled with delicious cheeses and cured meats with fresh bread from the bakery.

Colonialen in Strandgaten 18 easy serving of chunks, salads, pizzas and planks with delicious cheeses and cured meats. Here you buy cheeses, cured meats, olive oils, balsamic, pasta, canned and fresh food from the Nordic countries and continental Europe.

Colonialen Café and Brasserie in Litteraturhuset offers a more casual dining experience. The kitchen offers classic dishes like crayfish, mussels, fish and meat inspired by Nordic and Continental traditions combined with an extensive wine list and knowledgeable sommeliers.

Contact information Restaurant Colonialen
Phone: 55 90 16 00
Email: booking@colonialen.no
Website: Colonialen.no
Adress: Solheimsgaten 9B, Bergen

#7 Restaurant Nama Japanese Fusion

Restaurant Nama Japanese Fusion in Bergen
Nama Japanese Fusion menu includes a combination of Japanese robatayaki cuisine, Izayaka style and sushi bar. The concept is that you order several small dishes shared at the table. The menu is composed of finest products, both from land and sea, prepared in the ideal way to retain their individual qualities and flavours. Only the best is good enough for the sharing menu.

Nama restaurant offer two different chambre séparée. The rooms are suitable for private dinners, meetings, parties, conferences or what you want.

Room 1 has space for 12 people. Room 2 has capacity for 13 people and also have the opportunity for conference facilities with light and sound.

Nama Japanese Fusion restaurant perfect for a unique event or dinner experience in exclusive and private surroundings with modern Asian cuisine.

Contact information Nama Japanese Fusion
Email: post@namasushi.no
Phone: +47 55 32 20 10
Website: Namasushi.no
Address: Lodin Lepps g 2B, 5003 Bergen

#8 Restaurant Bare Vestland

Restaurant Bare Vestland in Bergen
Restaurant Bare Vestland pleased to invite you to experience the food out of the ordinary. With focus on local, organic produce of high quality, the restaurant offer you the exciting dishes in tapas format, Western Tapas.

Restaurant work only with the best seasonal ingredients, therefore the menu often change. Bare Vestland Restaurant offers relaxed atmosphere, with good drinks source of extra.

Contact information Bare Vestland
Phone: 919 00 456
Email: post@barevestland.no
Website: Barevestland.no
Address: Vågsalmenningen 1, PB 80, 5803 Bergen

#9 Restaurant To Kokker

Restaurant To Kokker in Bergen
Restaurant To Kokker is placed right on the wharf in Bergen Enhjørningsgården.
It accommodates about 70 people in a room that oozes history and atmosphere of the Hanseatic period.

Restaurant To Kokker offers mane courses like Steamed Halibut, Fillet of Red Deer, Leg of Lamb, Ovenbaked fillet of Cod and Fried breast of Duck,s, served with raspberry sauce. Panna Cotta Served with cloudberries, Crème Brûlee or Chocolate Cake with black currant mousse be your ferfect dessert at this restaurant.

Contact information Restaurant To Kokker
Phone: 55 30 69 55
Email: restaurant@tokokker.no
Website: Tokokker.no
Address: Enhjørningsgården 29, 5003 Bergen.

#10 Restaurant BOHA

Restaurante BOHA in Bergen
BOHA Restaurant is based on the love for great food and wine. And a pinch of rock n’ roll. Chef and manager at Boha Restaurant, raised in Blomsterdalen, and above average he interested in music and Motorhead.

At BOHA they have a special fondness for the french and italian cuisine the continental, and the good life in the Mediterranean. With southern hospitality and local produce, you will get an abundance of food and wine experiences. And generous portions, of course!

Contact information BOHA
Phone: +47 55 31 31 60
Email: restaurant@boha.no
Website: Boha.no
Address: Vaskerelven 6, 5014 Bergen

#11 Potetkjelleren Restaurant

Potetkjelleren Restaurant in Bergen
In cozy and whitewashed basement in early Kong Oscarsgate you will find Potetkjelleren Restaurant. A Rustic and evocative space has a history dating back to the 1400s and can accommodate approximately 100 guests. Potetkjelleren is a popular gourmet restaurant that focuses on that all guests have a good experience. Restaurant passionate interest in food and drink, creates great moments for you and your friends. Skilled chefs and waiters are constantly working to create and put together good and exciting flavor combinations. Potetkjelleren Restaurant are proud to be awarded three years in a row as the best restaurant in Bergen.

Contact information Potetkjelleren
Phone: 55 32 00 70
Email: hege@potetkjelleren.no
Website: Potetkjelleren.no
Address: Oscar gate 1A, 5017 Bergen.

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