The greatest fall in small apartments in Spain

When valuing a property, there are many factors that come into play, such as size, age, condition and location. Figures from estate broker Fotocasa shows that the larger the property, the smaller price declines.

Housing under 60 square meters has a total had decreased by 35.4% since January 2006, resulting in an average decrease of 1 151 euros in price per square meter, from 3249 to today 2098 euros per square meter.

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Next category is housing between 60 and 100 square meters. From January 2006 to January 2013 has square-meter price dropped by 31.9% from 2639 to 1797 euros per square meter.

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Properties between 100 and 150 square meters has been a decrease of 24.4%, a decrease of 612 euros, from 2512 to 1900 euros per square meter.
150 to 300 square foot homes had at least decrease in the 5-year period, only 4.7%, or 113 euros less per square. In January 2006, these residences worth 2410 euros per square meter. Today is the value 2297 euros.

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