Spanish authorities will reduce the cost of toll highways

Spanish-toll-roadsThe Spanish Government intends to reduce the rates of toll highways in peak hours in traffic.

This decision was taken after a seven-year continuous decrease in traffic on the toll roads of the country, a total length of 2560 km. During this period, it decreased by 33.6%. On an average day on the slopes in this category can make 15,864 car, and the lowest figure since 1996.

In addition, the Government has the final preparations for financing operations of nine roads, now under the threat of bankruptcy. The project, created by the Ministry of Finance and Development, these tracks will be merged into the state-owned after the government will write off 50% of the debt in the amount of 4.3 billion euros. The composition of this structure will include four county roads Madrid route Madrid – Toledo, La Ocaña – La Roda, Cartagena – Faith, Alicante ring road and the track connecting Madrid Barajas Airport.

Reduction in traffic during the crisis, along with cost overruns on the expropriation of land, arising in the course of construction are the main reasons for the bankruptcy of the above routes. Ministry of Development intends to continue to operate this route in order to create resources for the elimination of existing debt.

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