Preparing Your Property for Sale in Spain

The first impressions of your property are perhaps the most important one, the presentation of which will be critical as it will help secure a better value for your home. Here are some quick tips: how to prepare your property for sale in Spain.

If you are selling your property yourself as a private person or using a real estate agent, Make sure your property listing is on all the major portals in Spain. Double-check that your listing is on, Fotocasa and Idealista.

Checklist – Preparing your property for sale in Spain
1. De clutter if possible – this will make the rooms look bigger

2. If you are looking to paint – try to use neutral colours

3. If there are any major DIY jobs, see if you can resolve them, such as fallen doors, missing kitchen unit doors.

4. Vacum and make sure the floors are clean

5. Put away the dirty clothes

6. Clean the bathroom and the kitchen

7. Make sure the property smells nice – homely

8. Try to put the rubbish out

9. Keep pets under control when viewing – some people are nervous with Pets and as such may not appreciate your property and as such may spend more time petrified of your Pet. So if you have any over loving dogs and territorial cats please ensure that they do not affect the viewing experience.

10. If you are conducting the viewing, then please be friendly as the Buyer is equally nervous, they have to make a big decision, they are in the comfort of your home, your environment.

11. It is highly recommended to keep the external of the property clean and maintained once your property goes up for sale. A potential Buyer may drive passed your property looking at properties for sale in your area, and as such only look to arrange viewings on the properties that appeal to them.

12. If you are conducting a viewing try to make sure you have someone with you, there is always safety in numbers, and besides the other person you have may be able to assess their level of interest even if they are not giving anything away.

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