Cashback – Free benefit card

Cash Back Card Did you know that you can get cashback on your travelcosts, stay and activities throughout the world? With the benefit card and the Cashback App, you get money back of what you spend on airplanes, hotels, rental cars, homes, restaurants, shopping, amusement parks, and much more.

The Cashback card is free and is part of the world’s largest trading network and can be used in 47 countries worldwide. Famous worldwide websites such as Expedia,,, the Decathlon sports shop, El Corte Ingles shopping centers, and the largest Carrefour store in Spain are some of the places to save money. In the UK you can use it in places like TESCO, B&Q, ARGOS, Marks&Spencer, Currys, Topshop and much more.

In the Cashback App, you can see the companies that offer Cashback around the world. So that you can easily select the retailers and websites that offer Cashback, and save money on your daily life or your holiday wherever your destination is.

Money saved is money earned!

– You get cashback and shopping points on each trade, on average 10-15% in total member benefits.
– The membership card is located in the Cashback App, so everything is stored in your phone.

How to get the benefit card for free

  • #1 Click REGISTER and fill in the required contact information, as well as tick off the 4 squares at the bottom of the registration form. If you get the registration form in Spanish, you can easily change the language to English by pressing España and selecting English in the drop-down menu. After you register, you will receive an email with username and password.
  • #2 Download the Cashback App on your phone and log in with your username and password. You will find the App available for both Android and Iphone here: App Store and Google Play.
  • #3 After signing in, you will be given access to all information using the card, an overview of where it can be used, and you can invite other people to use the card with a keystroke.
  • #4 If you have questions about the benefit card, you will be able to access the service office on your own page to help you with the questions you may have when using the Cashback Benefit Card.

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