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Savonlinna short guide

Car Hire Savonlinna

Car Hire Savonlinna

Savonlinna, which has 27,746 inhabitants (2009), set in the countryside Southern Savonia – in the southeastern part of Finland. The distance to the Russian border is just under 70 km. The town was founded already in 1639 – and the center is located in scenic surroundings on several islands in the strait between lakes Haapavesi and Pihlajavesi.

The city’s most famous landmark is the medieval castle Olavinlinna. It was built by the Swedes in 1470 years, and every year since 1967, the internationally renowned Savonlinna Opera Festival has been held here. In addition, the courtyard site of an annual ballet festival.

Another major attraction in Savonlinna is steamboat traffic on all the lakes that are interconnected in the vast Saimaa system. In summer you can travel on board of one of the steamers – and one can also frolic in one of the many other activities the city and its surroundings can offer: canoeing, fishing, swimming, golf, etc. In winter, the two ski resorts just outside Savonlinna very popular destination for days.

Barnefamiler on holiday in Savonlinna choose gladly also an excursion to the activity center Kesämaa Aqua Park, located 30 km southeast of the city – in Punkaharju. Otherwise, Savonlinna since 2000 has been a regular city organizers for a rather special championship – World Championships in mobile phone throwing!

Savonlinna Airport, 15 km north of the city, is a local airport with regular flights to Helsinki.

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