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Rental Car Santiago compare prices from a number of car rental companies and find the best price on car rental. All prices on car hire in Santiago include necessary insurance and unlimited mileage.

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Are you looking for affordable car hire? Now a day’s it is very popular to rent a car, the majority choose to pick up a car at the airport. With car rental you and your family have the opportunity to take pleasant day trips in the areas surrounding, and you will not be dependent on public transport. By comparing prices of car rental from several players, you can save a lot of money. If you prefer to retrieve the rental car in the city center, this is also possible.

Santiago short guide

Car Hire Santiago

Car Hire Santiago

Santiago is the capital of the province of the same name, and its official name is Santiago de los Caballeros. The city is located in the northwestern part of the country, about 50 km from the northern coast and the Atlantic Ocean. Santiago de los Caballeros is the country’s second largest city with a population of over 550,000 (2007).

Santiago is a very beautiful city with historic and modern buildings side by side. The landmark that characterizes the city is a 67 meter high monument of marble from the 1940s which in English is called Monument to the Heroes of Restoration. Some smaller museums are in the monument, but one of the most popular museums in Santiago’s tobacco museum. Museo del Tabaco is devoted to the famous cigar producible none in the area and there are opportunities to buy exclusive items. Calle del Sol is the most important and most famous shopping area in Santiago, with various shops, bars and restaurants.

Cibao International Airport is located in Santiago de los Cabarellos and offers both domestic and international flights.

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