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Perth short guide

Car Hire Perth

Car Hire Perth

Perth, capital of the state of Western Australia, is – with its 1.65 million inhabitants (2009) – Australia’s 4th largest city. It was founded in 1869 on the banks of the Swan River – in a then very isolated area of ​​Australia. The nearest of the other Australian storbyene- Adelaide – situated as 2000 km away. Perth’s port city located in the suburb of Fremantle.

Among the many sights can include the following: Kings Park (which is a large park area on a hill overlooking the city) and the Zoo Perth Zoo (just south of downtown).

Otherwise island Hereisson Island in the Swan River a popular excursion, where one can experience the free-range kangaroos. 18 km outside of Perth’s port Fremantle is a different island, as many visits as they are in Perth: Rottner Island. It is “inhabited” by the small, rare marsupial “Quokka” – and was formerly a British penal colony.

Perth also has several fine sandy beaches near the center – including the popular City Beach.

The International Airport Perth Airport is located slightly southeast of town Guildford.

Book a rental car in Perth today. The sooner you are out with your order, the cheaper it gets in most cases. Select where in Perth you want to rent a car in search engine and press “Search”. Select the desired car and enter your credit card details.

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