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Car Hire Opatija

Car Hire Opatija

Opatija is located 13 kilometers west of Rijeka, at the foot of Ucka Mountain. Opatija in the west of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea in Kvarner. 13,000 live in the popular resort of badedesstedet, located on the Istrian peninsula.

The city belonged to Austria until World War I, Italy from 1923 and Juogslavia from 1945, and Croatia in 1991. The city is named after a Benedictine monastery, St. James, which was established here in the 1400s. Name Opatija means monastery on the Croatian. One of the best attractions of the villa Angiolina from 1844. The former resort for the Austrian imperial family, and is now a hotel. The Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph 1 used to spend the winter here, while the painter Gustav Mahler spend several summers here. Opatija has attractions such as botanical gardens, sculptures by Hans Rathautsky and an open air theater.

The nearest airport is Rijeka Zracna Luka, 40 kilometers from Opatija center.

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