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Are you looking for affordable car hire in Spain? Now a day’s it is very popular to rent a car, the majority choose to pick up a car at the airport. With car rental you and your family have the opportunity to take pleasant day trips in the areas surrounding and you will not be dependent on public transport. By comparing prices of car rental from several players, you can save a lot of money. If you prefer to retrieve the rental car in the city center, this is also possible.
The country offers great natural and cultural experiences. It is advisable to book your car rental well before departure, so you’re sure to get just the car that suits you, at the lowest price. In certain periods there may be high demand among rental companies, and the cheapest cars are usually taken first.

Menorca short guide

Car Hire Menorca

Car Hire Menorca

Mediterranean has for many years been one of Spain’s most popular tourist areas. Majorca and Ibiza is probably the most famous islands here, but Menorca is no less attractive. There has been a settlement since prehistoric times, and traces of this can still be seen in the large collection of megalithic monuments from the Stone Age and the Bronze Age – one of the really major tourist attractions of the island.

Menorca otherwise have a turbulent history. It has been a base for pirates, and that the Arabs, and the British have dominated the area in each period. Today Menorca a peaceful place, which derive their revenue primarily from the many holiday guests who come here.

Most, however, will experience Menorca less affected by mass tourism and stress than Mallorca and Ibiza. Here it is also beautiful mountains outside the town, where one can get a sense of untouched nature. Otherwise, it is of course beautiful beaches in several places along the coast. Many of the people live either in the capital Mahon or the second largest city of Ciutadella.

Mao Airport is located southwest of Mahon.

Menorca is one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to Spain. The name comes from its size, contrast it with nearby Mallorca. Menorca has a population of approximately 94,383 (2010). It is located 39 ° 47 ‘to 40 ° 00’N, 3 ° 52’ to 4 ° 24’E. Its highest point, called El Toro or Monte Toro, is 358 meters (1,175 feet) above sea level.

The two official languages ​​Catalan and Spanish. The locals of the island speaks choice of Catalan called Menorquí and they usually speak Spanish fluently as a second language;. Many immigrants are monolingual in Spanish.

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