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Malaysia short guide

Car Hire Malaysia

Car Hire Malaysia

Malaysia (28 million inhabitants in 2009) is located in Southeast Asia, consisting of 13 states and 3 federal territories. Most of them are located on the Malay Peninsula (Malay Peninsula) – while two states and a federal territory located on the island of Borneo. Malaysia bordering Thailand in the north and the island state of Singapore in the south. On Borneo bordering Malaysia to Brunei and Indonesia.

The landscape in Malaysia comprises tropical rainforest, swamps and coastal plains – which is rising against the hills and mountains. Highest peak is Mount Kinabulu, located 4095 m – On the island of Borneo. The country has coastline facing the South China Sea. Malaysia is located near the equator and has a tropical climate with high temperatures all year round.

The country has numerous tourist and seaside resorts – with inviting sandy beaches, crystal clear water and the best diving opportunities.

The capital Kuala Lumpur is located northwest of the mainland, and has 1.8 million inhabitants. Kuala Lumpur is also the country’s largest city, as well as the economic and cultural center. The cityscape is characterized by a multicultural society – with minarets, church towers, Chinese pagodas and Indian temples. The city also has large skyscrapers, and the world’s tallest building – the Petronas Towers – is also located here. The building consists of two towers measuring 452 meters.

Other major cities in Malaysia is Georgetown, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Malacca city.

Traffic and Driving Tips Malaysia

Malaysia has a good road system, one of the best in Southeast Asia. Emergency phones are located along the roads every two kilometers. Along with state or federal roads, there are toll roads. Drivers can pay by cash cards or ‘touch-n-go’ cards; both can be bought at toll kiosks on highways. In large cities, there are many cars and motorcycles on the road since driving in Malaysia is popular.

For driving in Malaysia, any foreign driver needs to have an International driver license. It is allowed to drive with the International driver license for up to six months; after that period, visitors must obtain the Malaysian driver license by applying to the Road Transport Department. Drivers with driving permits issued by Thailand or Singapore are permitted to drive in Malaysia without any restrictions.

Speed Limits:

Speed is measured in kilometers per hours.
The speed limit on motorways is 110 km/h; on federal roads – 90 km/h; in urban areas – 60 km/h.

Rules to know:

Drinking and driving is illegal; breathalyzer tests are common by the police. The permitted blood alcohol level is 0.08%.

Traffic moves on the left side of the road; most cars are right-hand drive.
Turning left at a red light is prohibited if it is not other marks.
Seatbelts are obligatory for drivers and all passengers.

Children under 4 years old must sit in the back; all children should use a child seats.
The minimum driving age is 18 years.

While driving, using cell phone without hand-free support is illegal.
All times while driving, any foreign driver must care his domestic driver license, International driving permit, registration and insurance documents.

Most road signs are on Malay language; English is only used for important directional signs such as airports and tourist attractions. European numbers are used on the signs. European ISO system is used for advice, directional, obligatory, prohibitory, and regulatory signs; hazard signs are yellow diamonds with black symbols.

Road markings are clear everywhere; double yellow lines usual mean “no parking”

Prior to turning, drivers must use their turn indicators.
In cities, it is not easy to find a place for parking.
The police and ambulance number is 999.

Airports Malaysia

This is a list of airports in Malaysia in alphabetical order. Click on an airport to get more information and map of live air traffic.

Alor Setar / Alor Setar Sultan Abdul Halim Airport
Kota Kinabalu / Kota Kinabalu International Airport
Bintulu / Bintulu Airport
Ipoh / Ipoh Sultan Azlan Shah Airport
Johor Bahru / Johor Bahru Senai International Airport
Kota Bharu / Kota Bharu Sultan Ismail Petra Airport
Kuching / Kuching International Airport
Kerteh / Kerteh Airport
Kuantan / Kuantan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport
Kuala Lumpur / Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Labuan / Labuan Airport
Lahad Datu / Lahad Datu Airport
Langkawi / Langkawi International Airport
Malacca / Malacca International Airport
Miri / Miri Airport
Penang / Penang International Airport
Sibu / Sibu Airport
Sandakan / Sandakan Airport
Kuala Terengganu / Kuala Terengganu Sultan Mahmud Airport
Tawau / Tawau Airport

Malaysia’s main airport is Kuala Lumpur Subang International Airport, located 44 km south of the capital.

Popular Destinations Malaysia

Alor Setar Airport – Johor Bahru – Johor Bahru Airport – Kota Bharu Airport – Kota Kinabalu – Kota Kinabalu Airport – Kuala Lumpur – Kuala Lumpur International Airport – Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 – Kuantan Airport – Kuching – Kuching International Airport – Kulim – Labuan Airport – Langkawi – Langkawi International Airport – Lumut – Melaka – Miri Airport – Penang – Penang Airport – Sandakan Airport – Subang – Subang Airport

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