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Car Hire Kortrijk

Car Hire Kortrijk

Kortrijk is a town in the province of West Flanders and is almost entirely west of Belgium. In 2008, the population of just under 74 000. Kortrijk located near the border with France, and the French city of Lille is 25 km southwest of the city. Kortrijk is located along the Leie, which is a tributary of the River Scheldt.

Kortrijk got Court in 1189 and it stands today, many old buildings in the city that are still in use, including the Gothic Town Hall from 1400 and the 1500s. The oldest remaining remnants of fortifications that stood around the city in the 1100s, is Broeltorens. These are two towers sits on either side of a bridge over the River Rental. Kortrijk attracts many tourists because of the city’s medieval character, beautiful parks and historic sites.

Kortrijk-Wevelgem International Airport are reserved for business travelers. Other passengers can travel to either Brussels International Airport which is located about an hour away, or to Lille Lesquin International Airport in France, 25 km from Kortrijk.

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