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Car Hire Bruges

Car Hire Bruges

In Bruges, the population was estimated to be approximately 116 000 in 2008 and counting suburbs will figure up to ca. 270 000. The city is located northwest in Belgium and is the capital of the province of West Flanders. Via channels Brugge connection with port Zeebrugge which in recent years has taken over much of Antwerp’s port operations. In the Middle Ages Brugge important for trade in the Netherlands, and it was also here an early form of stock occurred.

Bruges is one of Belgium’s most beautiful cities and it has preserved its original townscape from the Middle Ages. The city has been called the Venice of the canals, and tourists are happy to take a boat ride through these. The medieval old town was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage list in 2000. Bruges has a great cultural and holds many festivals throughout the year including music festivals, beer festival, chocolate festival and film festival.

The city’s nearest airport is Ostend – Bruges International Airport located in Ostend, about 25 km outside of Bruges.

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