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Car Hire Broome

Car Hire Broome

Broome is a tropical city on Australia’s west coast, on the Indian Ocean – specifically in the Kimberly region. The city has 14,000 inhabitants, and the main industry is tourism, mining and agriculture. In mines produce diamonds, lead and zinc. Broome is a town in the summer season, and is also called “Gem City” – because of the many happy hunters who once came here to dive for pearl mussels.

The city’s biggest attraction is the bright, white sandy beach “Cable Beach”, located 700 meters from the center. Cable Beach is 22 km long – and the inviting, crystal clear water attracts many tourists. On the beach has opportunities to try camel riding, and there are also boat rentals here. Other attractions in Broome’s Pearl Luggers Museum – depicting the city pearl industry history and the Broome Historical Society Museum – with photographs of the city’s history.

One can also visit the beautiful bay of Roebuck Bay – where one can see the famous “Staircase to the Moon” (“Steps to the Moon”) – an optical effect that occurs when there is a full moon and high tide.

Other activities in Broome is organized kayak tour of a turtle bay and the city’s crocodile farm.

The city has its own airport – Broome International Airport, located just outside the center.

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