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Car Hire Amstetten

Car Hire Amstetten

Amstetten is located to the north of Austria, near the river Ybbs will come to meet Europe’s second largest river Danube. The town lies 50 km southeast of Linz and about 130 km southwest of Vienna. Amstetten was founded in 996 and in 2006 the population of the city measured at 25,000.

Amstetten is located in one of the areas in Austria that produces a lot of cider. The largest privately owned folk museum that focuses on the manufacture of cider, is located in Amstetten. Mostviertler Bauer Museum was started by Anton Distelberger to preserve cider history. Those over 17 000 objects are on display, giving visitors a good insight into how workers produces cider. Lokalbahn is also something that should be experienced, and every Sunday goes rides with historic locomotives between Amstetten and Gerstetten.

Amstetten has no its own airport, but there are flights to nearby towns. The airport in Linz is the nearest.

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