8 best wines you can purchase in Spanish Supermarkets

8 best wines Spanish Supermarkets

List of the best wines you can buy in Quality and Price in Spanish Supermarkets. You no longer need to travel to La Rioja to find a good wine in Spain. Nor spend more than ten euros to enjoy a good red, or a magnificent rose.

After visiting supermarkets like Mercadona, El Corte Ingles, Dia, Eroski, Carrefour, MasyMas and Alcampo; and made more than 700 wine tastings, both pink, white and red, the experts could make a list of the eight best wines you can find in any supermarket in quality and price ratio. To make the most accurate list, this wine tasting counted exclusively with domestic products.

List of the 8 best wines you can buy in Quality and Price

List of the eight best wines you can find in any supermarket in Spain, in quality and price ratio. Enjoy!

1. Castillo de Liria Blanco

First we find Castillo de Liria Blanco, a white wine that we can find in any establishment for only 1.79 €. Ideal for tapas, experts say if this wine cost 3 €, you would still have an excellent quality and price.

2. Vizhoja Marqués de Blanco

In this list the second wine is Vizhoja Marqués de Blanco, a white wine that you can enjoy for only 3.98 € and is a classic Mediterranean cuisine. Experts say it is a “fine, well-crafted and exquisite” Albariño.

3. Alex Garnacha

In third place we find Alex Garnacha, a pink exquisite that we can buy for only € 2.75. A natural wine from Navarra which experts claim to be a delicacy of the Spanish pink.

4. Primitivo Quiles Tinto Cono

The next wine on the list is the Primitivo Quiles Tinto Cono for only € 2.10. “A mature red, flavored with dates and figs bread” we confirmed an expert source.

5. Faustino Rivero Ulecia Rioja Tinto

In fifth position we have listed Faustino Rivero Ulecia Rioja Tinto, which you get for only € 3.75. Enjoy a young red wine, velvety and fragrant native of La Rioja.

6. Cata Regia Reserve

The sixth on our we have the Cata Regia Reserve, which you will find for only € 2.60. Flawless wine a very light aging.

7. Torres Oria Reserve

The seventh position corresponds to Torres Oria Reserve, a Valencian tinto that you can enjoy at home for only 3 €. Mercadona property.

8. Canals & Nubiola Bruts Nature

In last place on our list, but not least, we have the Canals & Nubiola Bruts Nature, for only 4 € you get a red wine with ripe fruit flavor but with a saline taste.

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