10 Top Restaurants Gran Canaria

Restaurants Las Palmas

Top Restaurants in Gran Canaria. On an island that has been affected by three continents, and have a myriad climates, it is nothing more to expect than the food culture of Gran Canaria is broad. The fish is obviously an important resource, along with the island’s own agricultural products in grains, vegetables and meat. Gran Canaria’s own “cuisine” coexist with more international restaurants, but you may have to go to the smaller villages to experience it at its most genuine. Here comes 10 Top Restaurants in Gran Canaria.

1. Restaurant El Novillo Precoz Gran Canaria

Restaurant El Novillo Precoz Gran Canaria
Latin America has had its share of influence on the Canarian food culture, so why not try a pure restaurant from Uruguay? Here is the meat in long courses and in most formats, delicious cooked in the center of Las Palmas.

Contact information El Novillo Precoz
Address: Calle Portugal 9,
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Tel. +34 928 221 659

2. Restaurant La Toja Gran Canaria

Restaurant La Toja Gran Canaria
A better restaurant in Playa Del Ingles, with an international and Canarian menu. Both fish and seafood are of good class, and prices are relatively low by international standards.

Contact information La Toja
Address: Avenida Tirajana
Playa Del Ingles, Gran Canaria
Phone: +34 928 761 196

3. Restaurant Tagoror Gran Canaria

Restaurant Tagoror Gran Canaria
Mid island in volcanic caves in Montaña de las Tierras, it serves good regional food at decent prices. The premises is an attraction in itself.

Contact information Tagoror
Address: Montana las Tierras
21, Ingenio, Aguimes, Gran Canaria
Phone: +34 928 172 013
Website: www.restaurante-tagoror.com

4. Restaurant La Taberna Timanfaya Gran Canaria

Restaurant La Taberna Timanfaya Gran Canaria
This cozy family-run restaurant with very international menu can be found in Puerto Rico. Pleasant staff and good atmosphere.

Contact information La Taberna Timanfaya
Address: Avenida de Veneguera
s / n, Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria
Phone: +34 928 725 453
Website: www.lataberna.cc

5. Restaurant Taste meson Gran Canaria

Restaurant Taste Meson Gran Canaria
Taste meson has an exciting concept, and is ideal for those who want something different in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria! Here you will find international quality cuisine, and the restaurant has a wide selection of fine wines. Try different dishes and share with each other or create your own menu. The chef has experience in top restaurants in Europe, and together with their staff preparing the fresh tasty food from scratch and always uses ingredients from local suppliers. Recommended!

Contact information Taste meson
Address: Paseo des las Marañuelas 1, 35210 Arguineguin, Gran Canaria
Phone: +34 694 442 030
Website: www.Tastemeson.com

6. Restaurant Sakura Gran Canaria

Restaurant Sakura Gran Canaria
Are you looking for a break from Canarian cuisine, you can try your hand at Japanese sushi. This chain can be found both in Playa Del Ingles and Las Palmas, and they serve delicious sushi based on fresh produce.

Contact information Sakura
Address: Sakura In C /
Néstor de la Torre, 29 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Of. Tirajana, Edif. Excelsior
4. L-17, Playa del Inglés
Phone: +34 928 248 221, +34 928 765 527 (Playa Del Ingles)

7. Restaurant Cofradia de Pescadores Gran Canaria

Restaurant Cofradia de Pescadores Gran Canaria
There are several of the fishermen’s “own” restaurants in Gran Canaria, bearing names like Cofradia de los Pescadores. Here is the seafood like some cheaper, super fresh and served in simple surroundings. In Arguineguin you will find the most famous.

Contact information Cofradia de Pescadores
Address: Muelle Pesquero de Arguineguin, Gran Canaria
Phone: +34 928 150 963

8. Fusion Restaurant and Loungebar

Fusion Restaurant and Loungebar Gran Canaria
With a friendly international healthcare staff, a lovely interior and a huge sunny terrace is Fusion a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The menu has something for everyone, from Thai food to juicy burgers. The presentation of the food is excellent. Fusion is on Calle Alonso Quesada which is a few minutes walk from the beach Arguineguin.

Contact information Fusion Restaurant and Loungebar
Address: CALLE ALONSO QUESADA, No13, ARGUINEGUIN, 35120, Gran Canaria.
Phone: +34 928 185 662
Website: www.fusionrestaurantandloungebar.com

9. Restaurant Pizzeria Ciao

Restaurant Pizzeria Ciao Gran Canaria
It is safe to say that Ciao is Cárdenas Real Estate agent employees’ favorite Italian restaurant: The location in the mountains overlooking the beach and the harbor are spectacular. Whether you’re sitting on the terrace or in the restaurant you get a panormaic ocean views. Ciao’s Italian food and pizza is good and the service is always fast and friendly. The perfect place for a lunch or a romantic dinner. For Ciao Pizzaria between Calle la Lajilla and sea.

Contact information Pizzeria Ciao
Address: Calle La Lajilla, s / n, 35120 Arguineguin, Las Palmas, Spain
Phone: +34 928 73 61 07
Website: www.restaurantepizzeriaciao.es

10. Restaurant Los Canarios 1 Gran Canaria

Restaurant Los Canarios1-Gran Canaria
Sister restaurant of the famous Guantanamo in Tauro and Acaymo in Mogan, and a fixed Arguineguín favorite among locals and visitors. The steaks are wonderful. Order sparingly as when Los Canarios 1 serving huge portions. Los Canarios 1 is on Calle Princesa Guayarmina behind Arguineguin Shopping Centre.

Contact information Restaurant Los Canarios 1
Address: Calle Princesa Guayarmina, 24, 35120, Las Palmas
Tel: +34 928 150 667

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