House prices in Spain down 6.9 percent in 2012

As expected, there was a decline in housing prices in Spain in 2012 , and it is good news for people who want to buy a property in Spain . In addition, a weak Euro , which provides an additional favorable exchange rate from Norway . We shall in this release look at how the price level was for the various regions of Spain for 2012 and look at what we can expect for the Costa Blanca area in 2013 .

On the Costa Blanca , prices for new homes by 8.7 percent in 2012, and experts believe the prices of new homes will also lose something in 2013. The price per square foot for new homes in the provincial capitals of Spain is an average of 2212 euros. This means that a house of 90 square meters costs about 199,100 euros.

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Highest price reduction of homes found in these regions
Navarra (12.6 percent) , La Rioja (11.6 ) , Castilla -La Mancha ( 10.2) , Cantabria ( 8.8 ) , Valencia ( 8.7) , Aragon ( 8.6) , Extremadura ( 7.3) , Ontario ( 7.2) , Murcia ( 7.2) and Castilla y Leon ( 7).

The regions with the least decline in house prices in 2012 are : Catalonia (6.6 percent) , Madrid ( 6.5) , Balearic Islands ( 6.5) , Asturias ( 5.7) , Galicia ( 5.6) , Canary Islands ( 5.2) and Pais Vasco ( 4.1).

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In San Sebastian , Barcelona , Bilbao and Madrid , it is currently the most expensive house purchase . Here one must look with 2212 euros per square meter.

While in Murcia, Cáceres , Badajoz , Pontevedra , Jaén , Cuenca and Ciudad Real Lugo is the cheapest cities to buy a home . It costs a new home on average 1400 euros per square meter.

Minimal changes for Costa Blanca
We at Real Homes Spain marks a tendency for prices to Albir and Alfaz begins to stabilize. Do not expect any major adjustments in either positive or negative direction . There are still many ” bargain” in the market , but it is slightly longer between the very large . Surrounding neighboring areas on the Costa Blanca will naturally follow.

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